Nine Reasons to Vote for David Fox

Fox for Nashville

I have been closely monitoring the mayoral campaign since April, and through it all, I have become a David Fox supporter.

These are the reasons Fox stood out to me as the best candidate, and they are the same reasons I will humbly ask you to vote for him as well:

1) Fox has an honesty unseen in most political candidates.  While his opponents often made grand (and false) promises to do everything for everyone, Fox gave practical, realistic answers when asked about issues facing our city.

2) Fox interacts with Nashvillians who are unlike him.  He publicly gave out his cell phone number.  He personally knocked on my door.  And when I emailed him with questions, he responded with a genuine and thoughtful reply.  Also, although he is not from my community, he was well aware of the concerns of local residents during our neighborhood forum.  His opponent, on the other hand, never did any of those things and, in the local forum, appeared seriously unaware of my neighborhood’s needs.

3)  David Fox respects everyone’s voice, not just those of the like-minded.  He is a unifier, and he has a track record to prove it.  On the flipside, his opponent takes hard-line political stances and, on multiple occasions, has expressed no regard for those who have opposing views.  She has proven through her actions on the Metro Council that she does not care about getting consensus and would rather act swiftly and forcefully to push her views on those who disagree with her.

4)  Fox has a local view, believing the best way to maintain a healthy city is by letting residents set the community standards.  He is not a proponent of begging the federal government for grants, and rightly so, in my opinion.  Almost every time we accept money from the federal government, a long list of requirements is attached, and this takes the power away from locals and gives it to people who know nothing about us.  I see this firsthand in my husband’s job as a Metro police officer.  Instead of maintaining true community policing, we accept grants from the Feds which have the net effect of forcing officers to work mandatory overtime for the mere purpose of making traffic stops.  I don’t know what the federal reasoning for the yearly grant was, but from a local perspective, it doesn’t make sense.  We don’t need officers working mandatory 18-hour shifts so they can hand out traffic tickets.  While likely well-intentioned, this is the negative side effect of imposing federal solutions on local problems, and that’s why I can’t support the candidate who has said numerous times she would search for every possible federal grant in order to accomplish her future goals.

5) Fox’s focus is on preserving the unique nature of Nashville.  Our city has a natural beauty and true Southern Charm no other large city can claim, and these are things we will have to intentionally preserve or they will be quickly paved over by outside developers.  Fox is aware of this and has a true commitment to supporting the local communities, focusing on the desires of the individual neighborhoods instead of the potential city tax revenue.  Many politicians, including Mr. Fox’s opponent, claim to care about preserving our beautiful city, but then turn around and strike huge deals with developers.  They say they support neighborhoods, but are actively working to plow them down.  On the other hand, David Fox is a long-time supporter of local businesses and communities and has centered his entire campaign on preserving “the Nashville Way.”

6) Fox is a moderate, which is what I consider myself to be.  I am not far-right or far-left. I am somewhere in the middle, and the reason I stand in such a place along the political spectrum is because, through a variety of life experiences, I have learned to respect the different viewpoints of those around me.  On any particular political topic, I could argue for either the left or the right, and I feel David Fox represents a similar mentality. He seems to have balance in his political views, which is something I highly respect.

7)  Fox hasn’t run a campaign based on illogical political talking points.  Many issues I heard regurgitated throughout this campaign season were merely political ploys attempting to gain the votes of niche groups.  These talking points played no real role in benefiting the future of Nashville, but were merely deceptive tactics pandering to easily swayed emotions.  Fox didn’t engage in this sort of campaigning.  Instead, he focused on issues that actually affect us all, such as how to improve schools and infrastructure and how to maintain the positive qualities of Nashville in the midst of tremendous growth.  Instead of promising a $15/hour minimum wage, he told the truth (that all of the other candidates are well aware of but too afraid to say) that drastically raising the minimum wage would merely take more people out of the workforce and cause those who need job experience the most to not be able to find it.  Although it may not be pleasing to many ears, he chose honesty.  He didn’t choose the easy way out, which is to lie and pander for votes.

8)  He looks for wise, long-term solutions, not hastily planned appeasements.  He foresaw problems with Amendment 3, the legislation his opponent supported, which has now been criticized by countless bipartisan sources.

9)  In this week’s debate, Fox’s opponent was completely unaware of police salaries despite the fact she has privately pandered to officers about how she will increase their wages.   When informed their starting salary was higher than she had estimated, she said (paraphrasing), “Oh, well, it looks like we already took care of raising their pay then.”  That statement clearly doesn’t line up with the fact that our officers are paid 25-50% less than officers in comparable cities.  (Just to add a little perspective, MNPD’s starting salary is a mere $1 per hour more than the starting salary for a police officer in my hometown with a population of 5,000.)  And this is the untruthfulness I keep seeing from her.  To one group, she promises, “Yes, we’ll raise your salary,” and to another, she proves she hasn’t even looked into the issue.  David Fox on the other hand is honest.  He reviewed the recent board recommendations for police pension funds and made practical predictions, not shallow promises.  Overall, I don’t particularly care if huge raises are in the future for the MNPD, because my family does just fine living within our means; however, I do care about electing an honest mayor, and I am only seeing honesty from Mr. Fox.

Ultimately, no candidate is perfect, but David Fox appears to have the integrity, balance, and wisdom necessary to do a respectable job, so he will receive my vote, and I hope he will receive yours too.


Utopia Police Department: Now Hiring

Photo by Jenna Purcella


Job Title: Peace Officer
Department: Utopia Peace Department
Base Salary: Nowhere Near What You’re Worth
Open Application Period: Ongoing (At the present time, our turnover rate is 100%.)
Position Information: Full-Time (168 hrs per week)
Promotion Potential: None.  The citizens are your one and only boss.
Duty Location: You will patrol the district in which you live.  This ensures every robber, rapist, drug dealer, and gang banger you arrest will be able to quickly locate you to issue a grievance once their 4-day, plea-deal sentences are fulfilled.
Who May Apply: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer; however, preference will be given to Superman, Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, or any other DC or Marvel Comic super hero.
Security Clearance: None.  You may not have access to any information unavailable to the public at large.
Probationary Period: Lasts for the duration of your career.  A citizen may “have your badge” at any given moment he/she deems appropriate.

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The Truth About Police the News isn’t Telling You, Part I: The Man Behind the Badge


My husband is a police officer.

As a child, he never dreamed of donning a badge.  Instead, he mirrored the mass of us, a not-so-enamored outsider of the Thin Blue Line Club.  In his progression to adulthood, he swiftly found a place among the outstanding.  Filling boxes with awards and degrees, the opportunities before him were plentiful.

However, as our family gazed out over the horizon of options, reality struck.  Evil struck.  Three unrelated murders occurred on our block within a month.  A teenage boy fell victim to a brutal gang initiation and was gunned down while cleaning his truck at the carwash.  A middle-aged woman was peppered with birdshot while buying a soda at Kroger.  The Mapco in front of our home was robbed, and the cashier left to die a tragic death. Read more

You Know You are Married to a Police Officer if…

You Know You are Married to a Police Officer if…

  1. Your husband adamantly refuses to go by the doughnut shop on his way home from work (even if you are having pregnancy cravings).
  2. When new acquaintances discover your spouse’s profession, they are either very interested or start to awkwardly try and leave the conversation.
  3. You sleep alone…with a shotgun beside your bed.
  4. Millions of people hate your spouse without having ever met him.
  5. You never sit facing the door when you are out to dinner.
  6. You frequently role-play emergency scenarios during casual conversation.
  7. You never know when your spouse will be home, and if you don’t hear from him, you wonder if he had to kill someone or if he got killed.
  8. You text in 10 codes.
  9. You refer to all of your spouse’s friends by their last names.
  10. Your spouse frequently gets violently attacked at work.
  11. Every time you go out with your husband, you are asked, “Am I showing?”
  12. If you ever hear a strange noise at home, your house is promptly “cleared.”
  13. Your spouse spends as much time in a courtroom as a lawyer or judge.
  14. Holidays are always spent alone.
  15. When other businesses close due to weather, your spouse is working overtime.
  16. Your husband usually works seven days a week.
  17. You have a tub of disinfectant wipes by your front door.
  18. You are well-acquainted with starch and shoe polish.
  19. Your best friends tend to be cop’s wives.
  20. Your family watches cop shows just to point out how ridiculous they are.
  21. Your two-year-old has gone through an at-home gun safety course.
  22. Your spouse is frequently on the news, and you don’t trust any news story because they have yet to correctly report any incident your spouse was involved in.
  23. You always check to make sure you aren’t being followed because you know your family is a target.
  24. You are afraid to wake your spouse up when he is sleeping because he is probably dreaming about catching a criminal, and you know he will think you are the criminal.
  25. Your spouse wears shirts two sizes too big.
  26. Your civilian friends think your husband spends so much time in court because of traffic tickets.
  27. Hugs with your spouse are generally obstructed by a gun of some sort.
  28. Your bedroom is equipped with blackout curtains, ear plugs, and sleeping meds.
  29. You get the impression your friends and family think you and your husband have separated because they never see him.
  30. Your husband is late getting home, so you check the news to see where he is.
  31. An entire room of your home is dedicated to his work gear.
  32. Your bedroom rarely gets cleaned because someone is always sleeping in it.
  33. You tell your kids their daddy is a real life superhero (and you mean it).
  34. You aren’t surprised by the triple homicide that occurred five houses down the street from you, because crazy, ugly evil has become normal to you.
  35. Your husband grows a creeper ‘stache every November.
  36. You understand the truth behind the phrase, “Ignorance is bliss.”

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The Undefined in a Merriam-Webster World

A wide-eyed young girl is beginning her first day of kindergarten.  She walks into the sparkly new classroom for the first time, all decked out in “A is for Apple” and “B is for Ball” décor.  Excitement and wonder fill her tender soul.  This place is magical.  Wearing fresh new clothes and glittery pink sneakers, she is mesmerized by her surroundings – the kids, the desks, the books, the lockers.  The stage, in all its glamour, has been set for learning.

And she is taught.  Taught to remember.  Taught to uncover.  Taught to regurgitate.  Taught to discover.  Taught to pick problems apart and put them back together.  Taught to take the mystery out of things. Read more

When Miracles Happen: The Union Station Beggar

The sidewalks were their home.  As populous as the burnt-up cigarette butts in the gutter, the beggars lined the filthy, stench-filled pavement.  I passed by them every day.  I learned to walk faster than they could run.  The bearded men would try to chase me down in their dirty rags and worn out shoes, but I left them in the dust as I put on the afraid-of-everyone Chicago persona. Read more

Where Have All the Churches Gone?

How many of us have found ourselves uncomfortable with the churches speckling our communities like a chicken pox outbreak?  The reasons for our discomfort may vary.  Some don’t see the purpose of organized church.  Some have been burnt out by the church’s many failures.  Still others simply don’t believe in God at all.

I have been there.  I never felt such discontentment until I moved away from my life-long home church and began the search for a new place to belong. Read more